Master of Science, Colorado State University, Thesis, and Technical Report
Walker, Sarah & Bennett, Natalie & Smith, Elizabeth & Nuckols, Tyler & Narayana, Anila & Lee, Jordan & Bailey, Karen. (2023). Unintended consequences of nature-based solutions: Social equity and flood buyouts. 10.31223/X5KD63.
Walker, Sarah & Smith, Elizabeth & Bennett, Natalie & Bannister, Elizabeth & Narayana, Anila & Nuckols, Tyler & Velez, Karla & Wrigley, Jorgan & Bailey, Karen. (2023). Defining and Conceptualizing Justice and Equity in Climate Adaptation. 10.2139/ssrn.4455648. 
Nuckols, T. (2020, May 6). Plans to prevent future pandemics must consider gender issues, too (commentary). Mongabay.
(In Preparation) Nuckols, Tyler & English, Megan & Pisanwanich, Akaraphum & Owen, Ave & Van de Water, Antoinette & Bailey, Karen. (2024). Analyzing Wildlife Interactions in Agricultural Landscapes: A Methodological Approach Using Camera Trap Data to Monitor Asian Elephants in Crop Fields. Submitting to Animals

(In Preparation) Nuckols, Tyler & Pisanwanich, Akaraphum & Owen, Ave & Van de Water, Antoinette & English, Megan & Gale, George & Teel, Tara & Boykoff, Max & Carrico, Amanda & Bailey, Karen. (2024). Environmental Justice & Conservation: A Participatory Approach to Human-Elephant Coexistence in Kuiburi National Park, Thailand. Submitting to Conservation Biology

“Systems of Change: Human-Elephant Experiences in Dynamic Agroecosystems” at the 19th International Elephant Conservation & Research Symposium in Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 14-17, 2023.
Poster Presentations, One-Pagers, and Figures
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